3-Phase AC Charging

Single Phase AC is the standard type of electricity supplied to most homes and small businesses, comprising of three conductors, Live (L), Neutral (N) and Earth (E).  It is the most common means of charging EVs at your home or workplace, providing a maximum charge rate of 7.4 kW

Three Phase AC is the type of electricity supplied to large consumers of power, including offices, factories, farms and large homes.  It comprises of five conductors, three Live (L1, L2, L3), one Neutral (N) and Earth (E).  3-Phase (3P) AC charge stations are rated up 22 kW, although the majority of electric cars only support 11 kW 3-phase charging.  A few earlier generation EVs do not support three phase charging.

Our Electric Car Charge Guide provides an interesting comparison of charge rates (km range per hour of charge) for single and three phase AC EV chargers.