EV Energy Running Costs

As opposed to the efficiency of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles being measured in litres per 100 km, the efficiency of EVs is measured in kWh per 100 km. Larger or higher performance EVs will have a higher electrical energy consumption than lighter or lower performance EVs.   

In order to calculate the electrical running costs of an EV, one needs to know:

  • the average electrical energy consumption (in kWh/100 kms) of the EV, lets call it 'x'. 
  • the price of electricity (Rands/kWh) from the Electricity Supply Utility, lets call it 'y'

Energy running cost per 100 km = x*y or

Energy running cost per km = x*y/100

The average electrical energy consumption of various EVs on the market is provided in our EV Charge Guide.  In addition to the cost benefit, lower electrical energy consumption enables more range to be added per hour of charging.