EV Charge is a proudly South African company founded in 2017 by engineers passionate about electric vehicles and their potential contribution towards a sustainable energy future.  

Our mission is to support EV ownership by providing cost effective charging solutions and the best customer experience.

We have applied our engineering knowledge, research and years of EV ownership experience to become charging specialists, ready to support the transition from the ICE* age to the electric era. 

 *Internal Combustion Engine

We have partnered with reputable international manufacturers to offer a select range of EV Chargers and Charging Cables.  Prior to product selection we visit the manufacturing facility to verify quality standards and test products in South Africa for ease of use and durability.

Our locally developed MiA AC Charge Station has been undergoing reliability testing for the past year and is currently being delivered to some launch customers.  Serial production will commence in 2021.       

All charging solutions are certified to international charging standards.

We believe the electric vehicle era will have a positive impact on job creation in South Africa.  

In addition to the jobs that will be created by independent charge point installers, EV Charge plans to produce a range of locally developed AC Chargers, with the principle of supporting micro-enterprises to provide sub-assemblies and services.  

EV Charge welcomes any partnership proposals that could lead to job creation.