EVC Coiled EV Charging Cable T2-T2, 7.4kW

R2,990.00 Incl.

Coiled EV Charging Cable ideal for electric bikes

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Coiled EV charging cable enables compact and convenient storage.

Type 2 – Type 2
Type 2 EV Plug to Type 2 AC Charger Plug.
Compatible with all EVs and AC Charging Stations in South Africa.

7,4kW, 32A Power Rated
Fastest single phase AC charging.

IEC 62196 Type 2 to Type 2
Dust proof cap made by silicon, attached on tail
Certification: CE(TUV), TUV-mark, RoHS, Reach, CB
TPU jacket for lifetime protection
Spiral ratio: 25%, Workable length ratio: 50%
Voltage: 250 V AC
Temperature: -30° to +50°