ZENCAR Portable EV Charger 16A / 3,7kW

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Adjustable Current 6 – 16 Amps

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Charge faster than the typical 10 or 12 Amp portable charger supplied with an EV.

Adjustable charging current. 
Set the charging current to your requirements: 6/10/12/16 Amps.

Set charge time
Enable charging at your specified time.

Large Color Display. 
Displays voltage, current, power and charge status.

5m Charge Cable
The portable EV charger is equipped with a 5m TUV-rated charging cable with Type 2 EV plug.

Convenient wall mounting
The wall bracket allows the portable EV charger to be easily removed when required.

Plug holder and cable tidy 
For a clutter free charging experience purchase an optional plug holder with cable tidy.

IP65 Weatherproof
Weatherproof housing ensures durability and protection against the elements.

Rating: 240 VAC 50Hz, 16A, 3,7kW
Adjustable Current : 6A to 16A
Operating Temperature: -25 to +45° C
Standards: IEC 62196-2
Unit Size: 21 x 11 x 8 cm
Package size: 40 x 34 x 12 cm
Package mass: 2,7kg

Optional Cable Tidy 
For a clutter free charging experience purchase an optional Cable Tidy.