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Portable EV Chargers
Portable Level 1 EV Charger

Portable EV Chargers

Need a versatile portable to charge anywhere?

Our level 1 AC portables charge up to 30% faster than the typical 12 Amp portable supplied with an EV.

Adjustable current lets you set the charge rate.

Fast Portable EV Chargers
Fast Portable Level 2 EV Charger

Fast Portable EV Chargers

Need to charge faster at home or work?

These Level 2 AC portable chargers plug into an industrial CEE socket installed by a licenced electrician.

Charge 2x faster versus a Level 1 portable. 

Faster 3-phase versions available for locations with 3-phase power. 

Home Charging Stations
Home EV Charging Station

Home EV Charging Stations

Prefer a charging station? 

Level 2 AC charge stations provide wall-mounted convenience.

Connected versions enable control and monitoring through a mobile App.

Available in single and 3-phase versions.

Public Charging Stations
Public EV Charging Station

Public EV Charging Stations

Need an EV charging station for shared use or business purposes? 

Socket equipped charge stations are ideal for public locations.

User access to the EV charging station is by means of RFID card. 

LTE connected versions offer monitoring and billing through back-office solution providers. 

Charging Cables and Accesories
EV Charging Cables for use at public AC Charging Stations

Charging Cables and Accessories

Want to charge faster at a public AC charge station?

3-Phase Charging Cables enable faster charging at public AC charge stations versus the typical single phase cable supplied with most EVs.

Choice of straight and coiled versions.

Accessories including cable holders and carry bags.

Why EV Charge?
Why EV Charge South Africa

Why EV Charge?

Certified Products


Tested For SA Conditions


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Our charging products comply with international standards and are tested in South Africa for reliability and ease of use.

We launched SA’s first online EV Charge Shop in 2018 and have gained extensive experience in the field of electric vehicle charging. 

We deliver free of charge nationwide.  We don’t perform installations but can recommend a licenced electrician installer in your area.